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About Kolt Global SRL

Our company has been established in Bucharest Romania since 2016. We are involved in multiple business sectors such as Liquor Manufacturer & Exporter, Export-Import, Event Management, Music Production and Online Retail based business. Our business is in EU countries like Romania, Netherlands, France and Germany. 

We are manufacturers / exporters of beer, vodka, whiskey, gin, brandy, rum, wine and other beverages, Europe and Export worldwide, We have our own brands which we sell in EU and other countries.

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We have dedicated ourselves to build a solid base of trust with our customers and a constant process of modernization and improvement of all our processes.

Our European Liquor Brands

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A New Generation of Winemakers

The best wines are born in the noblest lands. The diversity and great richness of our terroirs located in the most recognized valleys of the country give us an incalculable potential to elaborate wines of the highest quality